The Docthor (2017)


liminal: (def.)

...occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold...

James Hayes is a free-lance illustrator, artist and chartered architect based in Ireland. He operates at the threshold of distinct yet inextricably linked design disciplines: (illustration) // (fine art) // (architecture). This page acts as a sort of inter-disciplinary platform for the juxtaposition of this creative output as channeled through these practices - a meandering record of where motivation, method and manifestation overlap and diverge.


Born in Cork in 1987 - Places James has called home at one point or another include:         Tralee, Murroe, Dublin, Dingle, Melbourne, London, Ennis, Conna. 

He studied architecture at University College Dublin, holding a Bachelor of Science (2009), Bachelor of Architecture (2012) and Masters of Architecture (2013) - before later going on to receive a Post-graduate Diploma in Professional Practice in Architecture (2016) from the University of Westminster. He is a chartered architect in Ireland (MRIAI) and the UK (ARB) and has been has worked in architectural practice since 2013 whilst concurrently working on self initiated art projects and independent illustration/design commissions. Most recently he was a student of illustration at the 'House of Illustration' gallery in Kings Cross (2017).

His arts practice is predominately based in the traditions oil painting and drawing, informed by and borrowing from some of the systems and structures of his architectural education and professional experience. 

His work explores the complex relationship forged between self and surroundings. He attempts to make work derived from the drawing out of awareness from the spaces between conscious and unconscious experience of our everyday surroundings - ‘to elicit our unconscious reactions until they become conscious ought to be our starting point’ (Utzon). The aim for the work is that it re-presences, rather than represents as such, the more-than-visual nature of spatiality and the lived embodied experience. That it might communicate and illicit a tacit human and pre-reflective understanding of the wholeness of our spatial or placial experience; beyond the purely visible incorporating consideration of the physical, material and textural realms; our emotional and social sensibilities.

He takes a project based approach to his work - equally comfortable working independently or collaboratively with others depending on the requirements of a given project.

Some other thematic threads and preoccupations which inform and permeate his work include:

(in no particular order)                         

liminality / vernacular tradition / the passage of time / materiality / edge horizon / change and impermanence / landscape as protagonist in the emergence of identity and becoming of self / the moving body as unit of scale and measure of landscape / connection between colour and emotion / physical, psychological and mental health / phenomenological theory generally / representational methodologies / surrealism / visual and perceptual theory.

..amongst others things..

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