A postcard from the west of Ireland

So..what about this blogging thing ay? - it's going really well I think! ..(laughs nervously) So I've come to realise I'm not a very prolific blogger (this I had expected..). I think I'll have to slot into the (what I'd imagine is true for the vast majority of blogs..'eratic and eclectic' category... also into the 'has no readership' category (what I'd also imagine is true for the vast majority of blogs..) They're comfortable bedfellows those categories. Nonetheless, it's good to mark an observation every so often and here is as good a place as any. 

I'm true to my word in as much as this post is indeed about something I saw that fascinated or inspired me - it's this video I saw today for the song 'Falling for you' by Daithi (feat. Sinead White) [Video & Artwork by Feel Good Lost] - see below. I just think the video has been shot and cut brilliantly. It does what a good video should in complimenting and elevating the track. There is well known scenery and landmarks featured which are great - beautiful in a conventional sense, but what I really like are some of the seemingly more banal locations featured - empty, still..vacant.. sort of everyday scenes, but which are animated by a single shimmer of movement, of life. For example; a number of times It seems to just use the effect of the wind to achieve this. Just train the camera on an otherwise seemingly innocuous scene and there always seems to be a quiet pulse of life. Simple, well chosen shots - just seems to focus the attention, quieten or narrow it sufficiently I suppose to effortlessly bring you into the world of that place, evoke a sense of place I guess. I think that's what I mean.. (not sure - sometimes I find it hard to articulate the key thing that attracts me to something..) if anyone else also likes this video, has any thoughts on it, or for that matter can articulate better for me what it is I mean - do let me know.  

Anyhow, I like it is all. (jus sayin'). check it out.

[blog post: over and out]

p.s ...(at my current rate of blog entry I should be due to for another.. oh, sometime around the end of October, it's a sort of quarterly blog.. - which keeps me firmly within my desired 'eratic and eclectic' category)

p.p.s ...On a somewhat more serious note perhaps I will try and get back here again somewhat sooner - preferably with some real updates about the aforementioned 'general goings on' / 'projects I'm involved in' / 'snapshots of working process'. I have in fact been working on different things. Just trying to get things straight the last few months is all. (I've included this p.p.s as a sort of mental commitment to put myself under pressure, hopefully it works)